USASF: The Cheerleading Worlds and Universal Score Sheet Update

The USASF Worlds Score Sheet Committee and the NACCC Universal Score Sheet Committee have been collaborating to align scoring philosophies and direction with the goal of establishing one scoring standard for All Star that can be utilized at all events, including The Cheerleading Worlds.

USASF LogoThe committees have determined that, for consistency, time and fairness, rather than rush the introduction, education and implementation of a new score sheet for this year’s Worlds, the current Worlds score sheet will be used at the 2014 Cheerleading World Championship. The committees have set the following timeline for implementation of a new, universal score sheet*:

  • January – May, 2014: Continue testing the Universal Score Sheet at a mixture of The JAM Brands, IEP and Varsity events.
  • May 20-21, 2014: Review data collected from score sheet testing and adjust as needed.
  • June-August, 2014: Educate and train coaches and judges on the Universal Score Sheet.
  • 2014-15 competition season: Event producers prepare their scoring systems and processes to transition to the Universal Score Sheet.
  • The Cheerleading Worlds, 2015: Implement the Universal Score Sheet.
  • May, 2015: The Universal Score Sheet is available for implementation at all events.

*Timeline subject to change depending on results during each phase.