Observations After Event 9 of 2013-14

Event 9 took me to the first of back to back events on the west coast and the first of what will probably be 5 trips during the season. On the scoring side of things, I’m seeing teams perform skills that make little sense. For example, performing below level stunts or tumbling in a way that takes noticeable time from your routine. It’s probably not adding to your difficulty score, could possibly help your execution score, but what I’ve seen hasn’t been creative enough to help the subjective portion of the score sheet enough to warrant the time spent. I have no problem with some quick out of level skills that add visual elements to your routine, but not prolonged sections that are doing nothing for you.

For rules, I’m seeing too many things land inverted. Falls to prone, releases to prone, pancakes, and releases to back are landing inverted and in most cases can’t legally. On a happy note, it seems like more teams are successfully executing pyramids without breaking the early release rules. Hopefully this weekend won’t make me retract this statement.


Don’t forget tomorrow is the last day to vote in the USASF National Advisory Board election. You should have received an email ballot on Tuesday if you are a Professional Member. If you haven’t received it, be sure to check your spam folder and if it isn’t there I suggest contacting your regional director.

Congratulations to the International Coed 6 teams earning paid bids last weekend. I believe it’s a first and if not it’s at least a rare occurrence. This weekend we have Worlds Bid event for Cheer America, Great Lakes, Spirit Sports, and Spirit Unlimited. Good luck to everyone preparing for and competing at these events.