Observations After Event 8 of 2013-14

Event 8 was one of my favorites, UCA College Nationals. Congratulations to all the teams taking home championships, including my alma mater, Kentucky, for bringing home their 20th title. I’d also like to say “Great Job” to all the teams that hit their routines and put on a show.

On the rules side of things, the most consistent issue was spotters being out of place on 2.5 high pyramids and towers. Make sure you keep one in front and another in back when performing these skills and know the spotter in back of a tower cannot be the person supporting the middle layer. On that note, please let me know if you are aware of any skill that is legal per AACCA College rules, but illegal per USASF Level 6 rules.


Today is the last day to activate your USASF Professional Membership and be able to vote in the National Advisory Board elections next week. If you haven’t done so yet, please activate your Professional Membership now.

Congratulations to the Majors champions, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, World Cup Shooting Stars, and Cheer Extreme SSX, and all the teams earning bids. This weekend is a little slower with NCA High School Nationals in Dallas and bid events being Athletic Championships in Providence, RI, Orlando Magic in Orlando, FL, American Spirit Championships in Oklahoma City, OK and All Things Cheer in Bellevue, WA.