Observations After Event 7 of 2013-14

Event 7 took me back to Texas. We still had some problems with toss execution, specifically telling if someone was trying to do a hitch or just came off the basket awkwardly, but the overall execution of skills was better than my last visit. I still saw a couple double jumps and they continued to baffle me when competing on the Varsity score sheet. I only have 1 trip to Texas remaining this season, and I expect it to be a good one.

On the rules side, in Level 1 I’m seeing several prep level stunt without anyone that can be counted as the spotter. This is happening when the back person is completely under the top person in Flat Backs and V-Sits. Please remember the spot needs to be in a position to protect the head and neck of the top person, which cannot be done from underneath the stunt. The position of the back person isn’t always clear from the judges’ stand making it hard to judge the legality of such skills, but if the stunt faces the side or rotates the skill it becomes very clear.

The upcoming weekend is the busiest of the year. There are 5 Cheer Worlds bid events, ACA, JAMfest, Mardi Gras, Spirit Cheer, and Universal Spirit, plus The Majors and UCA College Nationals. In addition, Dance Bids will be awarded at Athletic Championships in Chattanooga. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.