Observations After Event 5 of 2013-14

Event 5 was my first Major event of the season, with Major meaning multiple floors running at the same time to go along with bids to Worlds and an all levels end of the year event. On the positive side, it seemed like more teams were conditioned enough to make it through their routines. There were still errors in the form of bobbles and fall, but I don’t recall many routines falling of the cliff once the athletes got tired.

On the rules side, I saw a couple pyramid release moves that were connected to bracers above prep level, an example being a tick tock connected to an extension. For Levels 3, 4, and 5, even though extended stunt may be in contact with each other, pyramid release moves can only be connected to people at prep level or below.

Several people have asked what the “Early Release” rule Les referred to is. It’s a clarification in Level 3, 4, and 5 stating when a bracer and top person are allowed to disconnect following a pyramid release move:

Clarification: Contact must be made with a base on the performing surface BEFORE contact with the bracer(s) is lost.

On a side note, I’ve switched the day I’ll publish my observations from Wednesday to Thursday. Mondays and Tuesday are usually pretty hectic for me, while Wednesday is pretty calm, making it easiest to write on Wednesday and publish on Thursday.