USASF: The Cheerleading Worlds Updates

USASF LogoThe USASF emailed the following Worlds updates:

WORLDS DIVISIONS – Division I & II Proposal

Last month the USASF updated members on a proposal that was brought to the Board of Directors to split the largest cheer divisions at Worlds based on gym size into Divisions I and II. After gathering input from gym owners, coaches and event producers, a number of wide ranging concerns were voiced that could mean unforeseen ramifications and be counter-productive to the original purpose of the proposal. As a result, the USASF has decided to fully explore and thoughtfully consider additional and/or alternative avenues that are best for the industry as a whole. New division proposals, small gym definition, and other related topics will continue to be discussed while more feedback is solicited to develop a more comprehensive solution for fair and healthy competition in gyms of all sizes.

WORLDS SCORING – Updating Worlds Score Sheets

The USASF is working with the Universal Score Sheet Committee to finalize the score sheets for the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds and will have them completed and posted online in mid-January, 2014.

The committee is working to fine-tune the Worlds scoring process to best represent a blend of the industry’s current scoring philosophies and elements of a Universal Score Sheet that is being worked on within the USASF for future implementation.

WORLDS TRAVEL and INFO – Bid Packets Are Online

Travel and information packets for Worlds 2014 are available online now. If you’ve received a bid or are working for a bid, start reviewing and preparing now! Click here for more information.


The first Worlds bid giving event was held November 9-10! Click here to watch the growing list of bid recipients.