New Studies Sound Alarm About Cheerleading Injuries

Coastal Point published New Studies Sound Alarm About Cheerleading Injuries.

Prevention comes down to key elements in preparation. Many injuries, including, sprains and strains, very often are related to conditioning. This year round sport requires a year round conditioning program that includes aerobic conditioning, flexibility and strengthening. Proper equipment used in the proper environment is extremely important, too, and more so when new skills are being learned or new routines are being developed. Mats or pads are important for the gymnastic-focused portions of a routine. Landing on hard floors can lead to overuse injuries as well as fractures and sprains to say nothing of what a hit to the head on the floor can do. Make sure your cheerleader is using proper supports and braces and is wearing proper shoes that are cushioned and fitted appropriately.

One last word of advice. Pay attention to the spotter. So much is riding on this person because their primary responsibility is to lessen the chance of injury. They are supposed to help with form and proper body position. This is a skill responsibility and you want to know that the person who is supposed to be helping to protect your cheerleader is properly trained.