USASF Member Update: Worlds Division I & II Proposal

USASF LogoLast June, Les Stella, Vice President of Rules, Safety and Judging, brought an idea to the USASF Board of Directors proposing new Divisions at Worlds. The idea would split Small and Medium Senior and Small and Medium Senior Coed into Divisions I and II based on gym size as a way to address two specific requests from Worlds participants:

  1. to reduce the number of teams in the four largest cheer divisions, and
  2. to create an avenue for smaller gyms to maintain athletes and to be more competitive at Worlds.

The Board asked Les to take the idea to members for input and feedback and bring a proposal to the October Board Meeting.

Coaches and owners who attended USASF Regional Meetings over the summer participated in discussions with Les about Divisions I and II. He also presented and discussed the idea with the Worlds Advisory Board, The National Advisory Board, the Sanctioning Committee, the NACCC Board of Directors and Executive Committee and finally the Division II committee, created specifically to vet the idea from all angles. On the October 10th Board Conference Call, Les presented the results of all meetings.

Overall support is positive across the industry for Division II at Worlds. There also is caution being voiced for taking the time to carefully plan and roll out this new program in a manner that will be successful for all participants. After discussion, the Board unanimously agreed that, while in support of Division II, the concept is not fully ready to implement in 2014. The Board further agreed that it will continue discussions at the November, 2013 meeting with the goal of focusing on the potential of including Division II for Worlds, 2015.