Reminders: October 2013

 USASF LogoCareer Membership Requirement for Credentialing

In order for your USASF Cheer Coach Credentials to remain valid, your Career Membership must be renewed no later than October 31, annually. If you haven’t done so already, renew your USASF Career Membership as soon as you can.

5 Star Athlete Requirement for Worlds Bids

Athletes must be USASF 5 Star Athletes, aka paid USASF members, before competing for a Worlds bid. This is a change from prior years in which the athletes needed to be 5 Star Athletes prior to competing at Worlds. With the first bid events less than a month away, please make sure you are a 5 Star Athlete as soon as possible if you think you’ll be competing at Worlds 2014.

Worlds Gym Release

This is just a reminder that the first program you take the floor with past November 1st will need to release you to compete at Worlds with any other program. If you have any concerns with the program you are currently with I suggest addressing them as soon as possible. This in not a new requirement, but seems to repeatedly become a hot topic around April when an athlete that switched gyms doesn’t have a waiver and can’t compete at Worlds.