Observations After Event 1 of 2013-14

Last weekend was my first event of the season. I guess technically it was my second event of the season, but my first in America and the beginning of steady competitions for me. It’s early in the competition season so none of these are that surprising, but here are a couple observations from the cheerleading I’ve seen so far:

  • Execution needs work. I think more than anything this is due to lack of conditioning. Routines seem to get off to a good start, but as the athletes get tired execution is the first thing to go.
  • Some haven’t familiarized themself with the updates to the scoring system. Some routines were missing “simple” things that kept them out a higher range they easily could have been in.
  • Some aren’t up to date on the rules. There were some changes made for this season that coaches need to be aware of.

Overall teams looked alright. Tired in some cases, but it didn’t look like they were completely unprepared for the skills they were performing, just a little to tired to perform them perfectly.