USASF Momentum Chairman’s Update – July 2013

USASF LogoDear USASF Members:

USASF Regional Meetings started this month and our staff has been working on sessions and classes that will educate, inspire and motivate coaches and program owners to new levels of growth and excellence in all star. From idea sharing to learning new coaching techniques and program management strategies, these meetings will be the perfect place for leaders to “Share, Connect and Unite” (to quote our theme) and create new ways to continue the forward momentum of all star.

This summer we’ll be adding to the more than 4000 cheer coaches already credentialed and launching the first ever dance coaches credentialing program, making the sport safer for our athletes. Add classes for tumbling, injury prevention, stunting, building your business, dance techniques, judge’s certifications and discussions about industry issues and opportunities for involvement in the USASF and NACCC, and it’s easy to see that coaches and owners have endless possibilities for growth and participation through our organization.

NACCC LogoIn April we celebrated the 10th Annual Cheerleading Worlds, causing us to both realize and celebrate the incredible list of accomplishments in our history. 10 years ago we were an industry without an official set of safety guidelines, no way of tracking athlete eligibility, no standardized coach credentialing and no agreed upon professional code of conduct. Through the hard work of the USASF staff and thousands of volunteer members, we now have not just safety guidelines, but levels and divisions for fair play, we track athlete eligibility through Athlete ID, we credential coaches in both cheer and dance to confirm proficiency to teach safely and we’re guided by our Professional Responsibility Code which defines member conduct.

The quality and integrity of our sport has certainly strengthened as a result of the dedicated efforts of everyone involved with the USASF and NACCC. With 18 active cheer and dance committees, subcommittees and boards creating programs and initiatives to move our mission forward, the USASF and all star as a whole, is stronger than ever.

Jim ChadwickThank you to everyone who has helped the USASF from its inception through today and who will continue to help its progression in the next 10 years and beyond.


Jim Chadwick, USASF President and Chairman