Division II at Worlds Proposal

Worlds LogoAccording to the USASF Board of Director meeting minutes for June 26, 2013, the concept of adding Division II to Worlds 2014 has been approved. Division II would be for Small Gyms and apply to Small & Medium (All Girl and Coed) divisions only, but Small Gym was not defined. The proposal also states the total number of bids would not change. Seeing as this is the Board of Director meeting minutes, and not an announcement for Division II, many details have yet to be revealed. Below is the text from the meeting minutes:

Les proposed the concept of a Division I and Division II Worlds. Division I would consist of large gyms, Division II would consist of small gyms. The goal is to decrease the number of teams competing in the divisions with large numbers of teams while providing smaller gyms with an avenue to be competitive at Worlds. The number of bids awarded does not change. Small gyms that receive bids will choose whether they want to compete in Division I or Division II. Four divisions would be offered in the first year; Small and Medium Sr. and Small and Medium Sr. Coed. Several concerns and possible solutions were discussed. The goal would be to establish Divisions I and II for Words, 2014.

A motion was made for the board to endorse the concept of Division I and Division II at Worlds and to give the green light to Les for working out the details with the appropriate committees and submitting a recommendation to the board for review. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

USASF Board of Director Meeting Minutes | Discussion on Fierce Board