Athlete ID Required Info for 2013-14 Season

USASF Athlete ID LogoUSASF sent an email reminding everyone Athlete ID is required for the 2013-14 season. The email also linked to Athlete ID FAQs.

“In my USASF Gym Profile I can add an event and create USASF Official Event Rosters, including crossovers. I use this information to help validate my event registration information for the event producers. Athlete ID helps with compliance of age grid rules and adds credibility to our industry.” – Stan Stec, Allstar Athletics Cheerleading, Tinley Park, IL

“Because I have been both a soccer mom and a gymnastics mom, athlete identification is to me an expected part of youth sports. Having a professional method through the USASF to verify eligibility and confirm identity in a sport as large and diverse as cheer makes complete sense to me. As an event producer, the transition to Athlete ID for Cheer Ltd. is simply one more step in elevating our industry standard.” – Gwen Holtsclaw, President, Cheer, Ltd.