Will You Win It All? Don’t Miss Being Counted in the USASF/Nfinity Cup!

It’s the virtual championship that’s won by points! Will you win it all?

USASF Nfinity Cup LogoYou earned points every time you competed at a USASF sanctioned event and completed an Event Roster in your USASF gym profile this season! Those points add up to compare your record against teams from coast to coast that you never met on the mat! To total your points, and be counted in the race, simply login to your gym profile and follow these easy steps:

  • Login to your gym profile
  • Select “Rankings” at the far right of the navigation
  • If the correct division you competed in is showing, enter your Placement as shown in the example, then click “Submit”
  • If you competed in a different division than what is listed, click “Edit” beside your team name, make the appropriate changes, add your Placement, then click “Submit.”

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: Thursday, April 18, 2013


  • You must submit each team individually as they are calculated separately.
  • If you competed in a medium division you must update your team’s division.
  • There are Help instructions at the top right of the page.

See where you rank as information is being entered! National and regional rankings are available by clicking the “Regional and National Rankings.”

The winner will be announced at The Cheerleading Worlds later this month!

Login and be counted NOW!

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