USASF Documents for 2013-14

The USASF released several documents for the 2013-14, including the updated rules and age grid.


USASF LogoYou will notice that there are 2 different sets of USASF Rules. First is the “mark-up” set that will include the different items that have strikethroughs in them due to rewording, deleting or clarifications. The second set is the “cleaned up” set of rules that we will use for the 2013-14 season.

You will see plenty of “Red Bold” print in the new rules which indicates clarifications, rewording and modifications from the Rules Committee. Here is a list of SOME of the changes:

  • Level 1 extensions no longer need two bracers. They only require a single bracer.
  • “No tosses” in Level one was being interpreted in two different ways. A sponge toss was viewed by some as a legal cradle and not a toss. Sponge tosses are now listed as illegal so we can all be under the same interpretation on this issue.
  • In Level 3 it is now legal to do backward suspended rolls with extended arms. See rules for more info.
  • In Level 4 it is now legal for the bases to extend their arms while performing a pancake transition. This skill is completely illegal in L3. See both L3 and 4 for further details.
  • In Level 5 it is now legal to do a handspring >handspring>full>handspring >double. See L5 for more details.
  • In all levels that allow Pyramid Release Moves, contact must be made with a base on the performing surface before contact is lost with the bracer(s). This is not a new rule. The rule have always stated that contact must be “maintained”, however, this new clarification gives a clear guideline for interpretation.
  • You will notice that L6 is crossed out on both documents. NO, we haven’t eliminated L6. I had to let that be known before social media blows up. We are putting a group together to more closely align L6 with college rules. NO, we will not be following all of the college rules. We are just trying to align these two sets of rules because of the high crossover with college cheerleaders.

Age Grid

  • The Medium Co-ed max of 6 males has now been raised to 8 via the member coaches vote in January.
  • The International Age for IO5 and IO5 Co-ed has been changed from 15 and older to 14 and older to align the U.S. age restrictions with the International teams.
  • The age cutoff date for International teams only has been changed to “calendar year of competition”. See Age Grid for more details.

The announcement and links to the new documents can be found on