USASF and NACCC Announce Regional Facebook Groups

The USASF and NACCC are excited to announce the launch of Regional Facebook Groups for all members! Join your Regional Director and NACCC Executive Committee Representatives and learn about USASF and NACCC programs and initiatives while offering each other advice, tips, mentoring and assistance on everything All Star.


  • NACCC LogoIn Facebook, search for your region’s group:
    • USASF/NACCC Midwest
    • USASF/NACCC Northeast
    • USASF/NACCC Southeast
    • USASF/NACCC Southwest
    • USASF/NACCC West
  • Click on the name of your group to go to the group’s page.
  • At the top, right side of the page, click “Join Group.”
  • A group administrator will confirm your request.
  • Start sharing and learning with other coaches, gym owners and USASF Staff!

USASF LogoWhile you’re joining your group, be sure to friend your Regional Director*:

  • Midwest: Amy Clark USASF
  • Northeast: Robin Coe USASF
  • Southeast: Glenda Broderick USASF
  • Southwest: Angi Dunham USASF
  • West: Karen Wilson USASF

*When searching for your Regional Director, be sure to include first name, last name AND USASF.