USASF Cheer & Dance Athlete ID Info for 2013-14 Season

The USASF appreciates the combined efforts of member event producers, program owners, coaches, athletes, parents and USASF staff and Regional Directors to educate the All Star community about the USASF Athlete ID program during the 2012-13 competition season. As a result of your combined efforts, more than 70,000 athletes have been registered for Athlete ID so far this season. Athlete ID:

  • Creates USASF Official Event Rosters for teams that include a listing of team members, their Athlete ID numbers, birthdates and confirmed ages. Programs submit USASF Official Event Rosters to event producers at event check-in, instantly confirming athletes’ ages.
  • Saves time at event check-in by eliminating the need for coaches to carry birth certificates to events.
  • Is consistent with standard practices of youth sports organizations.

As a result of the successes of Athlete ID this season, a task force developed, and the USASF Board of Directors approved new processes for requiring Athlete ID for All Star Cheer and Dance athletes to compete at all USASF Sanctioned Events beginning with the 2013-14 competition season.

FAQ’s about Athlete ID for 2013-14

Download Athlete ID and 5 Star Membership Forms