USASF Increases Gym Owner Representation on Board of Directors

USASF LogoThe USASF Board of Directors is pleased to announce a significant step for gym owner representation in the leadership of the USASF by raising the total gym owners on the Board of Directors from 4 to 6.

The role of the USASF Board of Directors is to insure that the mission of the USASF is accomplished by the work done within the 11 Cheer and 3 Dance Committees, made up of coaches, gym owners and event producers. Two key committees are the National Advisory Board (NAB) and the National Allstar Cheerleading Coaches Congress (NACCC). The NAB is composed of regionally elected representatives, drawn from the Regional Advisory Boards, and oversees Image, Appearance and Ethical issues. The NACCC Executive Committee was established in 2011, electing regional representatives for coaches to give input in the Rules process.

In October, Varsity designated its event producer seat held by Lance Wagers of ACA to become a gym owner seat recommended by the NACCC. In accordance with the USASF by-laws, and with input from gym owners, coaches and event producers, the Board designated another seat to be filled by a gym owner. Finally, the term for the gym owner seat held by Jody Melton, co-owner of Cheer Athletics, expired as of November, so another gym owner was elected to take his place.

As the USASF has grown, it has taken great strides to include and increase the voice of coaches and gym owners in the organization. Of significance was the merger with NACCC in 2005, creating the official coaches organization within the USASF. At that time, 4 seats were added to the USASF Board of Directors designated for gym owners/coaches. Now, two more gym owner seats have been added.

Please help us congratulate the following gym owners who were unanimously elected to the USASF Board of Directors on November 5th, 2012.

  • Kathy Penree, CNY Storm, Herkimer, NY (2 year term)
  • Kristen Rosario, Top Gun All Stars, Miami, FL (2 year term)
  • Morton Bergue,, Concord, CA (1 year term)

To view the full list of Board of Directors members, click here.