Varsity to Recommend Changes to the USASF Board of Directors

Varsity All Star LogoDear All Star Community:

Since the founding of the USASF, Varsity has embraced the principle of having voices from the entire All Star Community represented.

After discussions with many coaches and gym owners at USASF regional meetings, we felt that the Board would benefit from additional gym owner input. This will be accomplished by ACA, a Varsity company and founding member of the USASF, designating its permanent seat to a gym owner recommended by the NACCC. Lance Wagers, ACA founder and president, has graciously offered to make this position available in order to support All Star’s development at this critical time.

USASF LogoIn addition, after consulting with several other USASF Board members, gym owners and the NACCC, Varsity will recommend that an additional non-permanent gym owner seat be added to the USASF Board, with the proviso that the NACCC ensures that gyms of all sizes and geographical areas be represented. We will present this to the USASF Board at the next scheduled meeting for immediate consideration.

The net effect of the above will result in one less Varsity event producer seat and two additional gym owner positions. We feel like this is an important step as we all move ahead together to address the primary issues facing the entire All Star community.

John Newby

Executive Vice President, Varsity All Star