USASF Letter Regarding Varsity’s Recommended Changes to the USASF Board

Dear USASF Members:

USASF LogoEarlier this week, Varsity announced their intent to designate one of their permanent USASF Board seats to a gym owner to be recommended by the NACCC. We thank Varsity for this generous gesture and further acknowledge the significance of their recommendation for the addition of a non-permanent USASF Board seat to be designated for a gym owner.

Through member surveys, discussions and focus groups conducted this past summer, the USASF learned that gym owners are clearly in overall support of the USASF mission and have a desire to be more actively involved within the organization. The addition of gym owner seats on the USASF Board of Directors facilitated by Varsity’s offer provides an immediate opportunity for gym owners to be more actively involved in the organization. This is an important change that we support and will formally address at the upcoming Board meeting in November.

As an additional outcome of this summer’s surveys and focus groups, and in light of Varsity’s announcement regarding one of their USASF Board seats, we recognize that some members might appreciate an update of the USASF’s relationship with Varsity. For perspective, in 2003, Varsity recognized a critical need in All Star to provide structure, consistency and safety. To launch the organization, Varsity invested an initial $1.7 million in a no interest loan to create an organization that all participants in the All Star industry were welcome to join.

In the last 10 years, the USASF has grown to a membership of more than 90 U.S. event producers, over 40 international event producers from 25 countries, over 1300 gyms, nearly 4000 credentialed coaches, and more than 51,000 athletes. While the USASF generates the revenue to support the organization and to repay Varsity’s loan over time, it lacks the resources to administer The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds and appreciates Varsity’s support of more than 300 staff including tournament officials, logistical personnel, registration staff, tv liaisons, translators and international visa administrators, and other necessary administrative and operational functions. Also, without Varsity’s support, the USASF would not be able to provide the same level of benefits it now does to full time staff members.

The USASF has been steadily repaying this loan while at the same time retaining enough capital to fund its annual operations and create a rainy day reserve.

The prudent timeframe for full repayment of the loan will in part be determined by the continued success of The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds and membership dues and renewals.

As we look to the future of All Star, our best opportunity for growth and longevity, individually and as a whole, is to work as a unified group of event producers, gym owners, coaches and athletes with a core focus on moving our sport forward. It is our renewed commitment to provide multiple channels for every USASF member to voice opinions, share ideas and help define how we will execute our priorities. Visible evidence of this commitment is already in motion through Regional Advisory Boards, the NACCC Executive Committee and additional communications support, all of which will continue to be enhanced in the coming weeks and months.

We appreciate the support of all of our members and look forward to continuing to work together to strengthen our industry and our organization for the benefit of all participants.


Les Stella

Executive Director