CheerProfessional is in Mailboxes and the Web Site has Launched

Cheer Professionals logoIt’s Official! The first issue of CheerProfessional is in mailboxes across the country and the website,, has launched. You may be asking yourself why the industry needs another magazine. Truthfully, we do not need just another magazine and that’s not what president Helen Cohen and publisher Brandy Bean intended this to be.

CheerProfessional is independent and unbiased. Our readers can rely on CheerProfessional to deliver all of the relevant industry news and discuss the pressing topics affecting your business and athletes. CheerProfessional will not take sides but will deliver all sides of the issues. One of our signature features is “Two Sides,” where notable cheer professionals debate hot button topics; visit us online to read how two cheer legends, Cheer Athletics’ Angela Rogers and tumbling expert Debbie Love, view the new USASF tumbling rules. This kind of discussion will be a regular staple in the magazine and on our website. It’s safe to say you won’t always agree and conversations may get heated, but we feel it’s important to open up the discussion. Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover and give us your feedback online.

CheerProfessional will provide the necessary tools and advice to grow your business. We have experts lined up from areas as varied as technology, safety, insurance, sports psychology, finance, and business marketing — we’ll put their advice into the context of your world by also reporting how your peers handle these topics. In the first issue, Randy Dickey, owner of American Cheer Xtreme, talks about how he ensures profitability at his gym.

CheerProfessional is also a dynamic, business-oriented website. In addition to relaying the latest cheer news, features tools that will simplify your life! Check out our event calendar, which includes almost 1,000 events and can be sorted by event producer, date, or location. Whether you are starting a gym, are in the early stages, or have been in business for years, you’ll find all of the must-have business documents you require in our “Biz Docs” tool. Make sure to follow us on social media on Twitter at @cheerproco and so you can stay up-to-date with the conversation.