ASGA Letter to the USASF

To Whom It May Concern,

ASGA LogoThe ASGA respectfully submits the following four talking points of discussion and concern for your consideration. These concerns and questions are the most pressing, universal concerns of our membership of gym owners and coaches. Please grant us the favor of your reply by next Friday October 12th.

  1. What is the current tax structure of the USASF? As we move into the next phase of governance and athlete membership could potentially be mandated, gym owners would like a transparent view of spending and expenses so as to be the best stewards of our customer’s fees.
  2. What are the intended and unintended implications of STUNT to the AllStar gym business? Who from within our leadership is in charge of safeguarding the interests of our businesses and will be responsible for prioritizing allstar cheerleading from within the umbrella of other cheer related activities?
  3. It is the belief of the ASGA that a restoration of faith in our governance can be best achieved by holding an immediate, open election of the Board of Directors and President. Furthermore, in an effort to foster transparency, are you willing to release the board meeting minutes along with financial statements to the membership? What is the 6 month plan towards independence of the USASF from Varsity? Lastly, what can the membership do insure that in the future USASF employees are no longer bound by non-compete contracts with Varsity Brands? Would a fund raising campaign to this end be helpful?
  4. Specifically, what programs and/or expenses will be funded by the remaining balance of yearly athlete membership fees? Who will insure that our client database of information gathered from the mandate of registering athletes will be kept private and confidential?

The ASGA believes in the growth potential of AllStar cheerleading. We believe our group is a valuable tool for the USASF as a constant “focus group” of concerned gym owners and coaches . Our concerns are that of business owners working to serve our own customers to the best of our ability. Please take time to forward this to the leaders from within USASF that can answer knowledgably and have the power to enact the changes we seek to better the industry for all of us.