The Journey From a 9 to a 10

The journey from a 9 to a 10 is as long and hard as the entire journey from a 0 to a 9. Taking those final steps to reach the top, to go from Good to Great, or to go from Runner Up to Champion is something few companies and people are capable of doing. This applies to large items, such as becoming the top company in your field, as well as to small items, such as making your registration process perfect.

For some, experiencing the success of getting to a 9 leads to contentment setting in and motivation going away. That journey is challenging and they don’t have the time and energy to take the extra steps to get to a 10. For others, getting to 9 is the spark needed to buckle down and put in the effort required to get to a 10. Which applies to you? Your Company? Your Employees or Co-Workers?

What can be done to make the journey from a 9 to a 10 a reality? How can you inspire yourself or your company to make this journey? Is making that journey necessary or worth it for you or your company? Is being a 9 with a social and family life more important than being a 10 in business? These are things you need to consider in deciding if you want to become a 10 and how to get there.