Happy Anniversary CheerMaD

CheerMad LogoCheerMaD is 1 today. We’d like to say Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to Lisa and the CheerMaD community and share a letter Lisa recently wrote to us:

Hi Andre,

As CHEERMaD prepares to celebrate its’ one year anniversary on June 19, I’d like to thank you for your continued encouragement during this very important first year.

As one of CHEERMaD’s first supporters, you may recall that it launched with the goal of having 10,000 readers in its first year. That goal was surpassed in its first six weeks thanks to the support of you and others in the spirit industry. In its first year, CHEERMaD passed one million unique visits and has developed a loyal reader following.

You were also the first to tell me that I had done something that others had tried to do before but hadn’t been able to do: capture and keep the attention of cheer parents. I believe that is due to my commitment to keep CHEERMaD a supportive and positive social media platform directed to those who support the sport of cheer with their time and money: cheer moms and dads, or as they’ve become known as “CHEERMaDs.”

I believe I’ve been able to retain my readers, thanks to my 27 years experience as a professional journalist, most recently for a New York Times owned daily newspaper. I have the discipline and skill to keep the blog fresh with 3-5 new posts a week and daily facebook posts. My credits include The New York Times, The Boston Globe, CNN.com and MSNBC.

You may recall that, for the last 10-years I’ve also been a Cheer Mom to my now 19-year old daughter, Becky, which makes me an “expert” in the relatively new sport of Allstars; competitive cheer. I also have a10-year old daughter, Rachel, who cheers on the number one ranked youth Allstar team in the country, a rank it enjoys for the second year in a row as the reigning All Levels Virtual Grand Champions.

For CHEERMaD’s first anniversary, I am giving the cheer moms and dads the presents. Thanks to the generosity of several companies including Pretty Girl Cosmetics, Fancy Face, GK, Crystal Couture, Just Cheer Bows, Cheer for a Cause and Spirit Celebration, on Tuesday CHEERMaDs who registered for an anniversary drawing will be chosen to receive free admission tickets to competitions, cheer makeup and apparel, decals, warm-up suits, jewelry, discounts and other gifts.

Also on Tuesday, Cheer Channel, Fierce Board and ASGA will be sending out “Happy Anniversary CHEERMaD ” messages on their respective social platforms in appreciation of all cheer parents’ support.

I’d be very pleased if Spirit Post would like to join these others in wishing CHEERMaD a happy anniversary, not for myself, but for the cheer parents themselves. Feel free to use any of this information as a source or if you’d like a quote from me I can also provide one. If you’re not comfortable with a Spirit Post “post” about the anniversary, a nice “Happy Anniversary CHEERMaD” on Tuesday would be much appreciated!

Most importantly though, Thank you Andre for all that you do.