2012-13 USASF Cheer Age Grid Posted

USASF LogoThe final 2012-2013 USASF Age Grid for cheer teams is now posted at USASFrules.com following a USASF Board of Directors vote to keep the Age Grid as previously posted. “In the USASF’s position as the governing body for All Star, we have the responsibility to do not only what is right for the industry, but also what is consistent with prior rulings,” says Jim Chadwick, USASF Chairman. “This Board decision does not change the US Age Grid, keeping it consistent with the grid that had already been established and in line with the industry consensus in the US for appropriate ages for each division,” he continues.

Two issues were discussed by the Board: 1) The bottom age for Senior teams Levels 1-4 (and Sr 5 Restricted), and 2) The bottom age of the International Open 5 divisions. The Age Grid establishes 10 (as of August 31, 2012) as the bottom age for competitors in Senior teams and 15 (as of August 31, 2012) as the bottom age for competitors in International Open Level 5.

“US teams that will be competing for bids to The Cheerleading Worlds will follow the IASF Age Grid after they have received their bid to Worlds and use “the year of competition” as the age cutoff,” explains Mike Burgess, USASF Board Member and Rules Committee Chair. “This allows them to adjust their rosters (after they receive a bid) to include 14 year old competitors on International Open Level 5 teams at the 2013 Worlds only,” he continues.

To view the Age Grid, click here.

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