Varsity All*Star Summit, Texas Championship & Family Plan Updates

Varsity AllStar has recently announced The Summit, the Varsity AllStar Texas Championship, and updates to the Varsity Family Plan.

Varsity All Star LogoThe Summit

The Summit is a new year end championship with the tagline Innovative, Prestigious, Highly Competitive, “World’s Caliber” Production. The Summit will be for Youth, Junior, and Senior non-Worlds divisions and held at Walt Disney World on May 4-5, 2013. This event will replace the International All Levels Championship.

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Varsity All*Star Texas Championship

The Texas Championship is a contest similar to the Midwest Championship of last season. Teams earn points based on their placements at 5 Varsity events. The team in each division with the most points wins jackets and a banner.

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Family Plan Updates

The Varsity Family Plan was also updated. Qualifying for the Family Plan no longer requires attending events hosted by 3 different brands. There are also now 2 rebate percentages, one for gyms attending 4 events, and a separate one for gyms attending 5 or more events.

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