Varsity All Star: 2012-2013 Scoring Update – Tumbling

Varsity All Star LogoFor the 2012 – 2013 season, Varsity All Star is making an adjustment to our scoring that allows coaches more wiggle room when selecting their team:

For Standing Tumbling Difficulty and Running Tumbling Difficulty, ‘squad participation’ will no longer require 100% of the athletes executing a given skill. ‘Squad participation’ will now be reached when just 75% of the athletes execute that skill. (Ex: a Level 4 team with 15 out of 20 standing back tucks will be evaluated equitably when compared to another Level 4 team with 20 out of 20 standing back tucks).

This new initiative should assist coaches as they select their team members, coach their athletes through mental blocks, and rework routines when last minute roster changes occur. From an athlete’s perspective, it should also relieve a little bit of the pressure they may feel to be perfectly well rounded. Our hope is that this ruling provides opportunities for athletes that wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to advance to the next level with the rest of their team.

2012-2013 Scoring Update