USASF 2012-13 Rules – May 18, 2012

The USASF recently released the 2012-2013 rules. These rules are dated May 18, 2012 and are the first release of the 2012-2013 rules. Changes from the 2011-2012 rules are noted below:

USASF LogoFor Youth L5 Only

  • Tosses that involve more than 1 1/2 twist may not involve an additional skill (i.e. kick doubles are not allowed). Note – Youth L5 now follows Restricted L5 rules.

L5 Tumbling

  • Tumbling skills involving flipping and twisting immediately into a double twisting tumbling skill are not allowed.
  • Twisting skills immediately out of a double twisting tumbling skill are not allowed.
  • In standing tumbling only, skills involving two twists (i.e. Double fulls) must be immediately preceded by a minimum of two backward traveling, non-twisting tumbling skills. One of these two skills must be a back handspring. (Jump skills are not considered tumbling skills. i.e. toe touch > back handspring > double full = illegal).

IASF Cheer Rules – 2012-13