A Message from USASF President, Jim Chadwick – May 2012

USASF LogoI wanted to thank everyone involved in the 2012 Worlds-from the incredible athletes, coaches, and choreographers who competed and the families, friends and spectators who supported them, to the event producers who made it possible along with the judges and staff. Overall, we had an incredible event.

While most feedback has been very positive, our policy has always been to evaluate all aspects of the event to identify areas that can be improved for the following year. As such, we will be working with the World’s Advisory Board and the NACCC to identify ways in which we can make Worlds even better next year. We welcome your feedback and input as we work towards continued improvement of our event and organization.

Worlds LogoOn a personal note, I am committed to addressing the behavior of some of the athletes on Sunday night at the Block Party and later at the All Star Resort. I will be seeking feedback from officials, parents, gym owners and coaches to determine the best path forward so that the athletes can enjoy the celebration in an appropriate environment.

We have also updated the Image and Etiquette literature that upset some in our industry. It was not our intention to offend anyone with these suggestions, and we are sorry if that was the result. Our core philosophy has always been to create an environment open to all athletes regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. In fact, we believe that no other sport can match our track record of fairness, openness, and inclusiveness, and we are firmly committed to maintaining this direction for all star. Here is the link to the updated document.

Again, I appreciate all who made Worlds possible and all of those who will be helping to make the decisions to shape the future of this amazing event.


Jim Chadwick, President