Starting from Scratch: Grand Championship Invitations via Points

Spirit SThis article is a follow up to Starting from Scratch: Bids to Year End Championships via Points. This article will focus on how I would implement the points system without worrying about existing year end events such as Worlds, All Levels, and US Finals.

I would have an end of the year championship for all ages and levels that I’ll refer to as the Grand Championship for the time being. Qualifying for the Grand Championship Finals would be done by competing at a Grand Championship Regional and qualifying for the Grand Championship Regional would be done by earning points throughout the season as described in Starting from Scratch: Bids to Year End Championships via Points. To address the bullets in the initial article:

Options for Awarding/Earning Points

  • Points would be awarded at events from September 1st though March 31st. Teams would be eligible for Points only if the gym, all listed team coaches, and all team members were members prior to event.
  • Teams would earn points for each team defeated as long as the team finished in the Top 3 in divisions of 9 or fewer or the Top 5 in divisions of 10 or more. Event Producers would be have more freedom in combining division of the same Age and Level to increase the depth of competition.
  • At 1-Performance events, teams would earn 2 points per team defeated. At 2-Performance events, teams would earn 3 points per team defeated.
  • Events with 200 or more All*Star Cheer teams would have the option of awarding double points.
  • Event Producers without an event of 200 or more teams would be able to choose 1 event to award double points.
  • Events with 100 or more teams that do not award double points could award a 5 point Grand Champion Bonus to the single highest scoring team of each event.

Options for Qualifying for the Postseason

  • The Top 12 teams per division in the Regional Year End Rankings will qualify for the Grand Championship Regionals. The Year End Rankings will only consider the best 5 events per team.
  • Events awarding double points would also be able to award the overall event Grand Champion an invitation to the Grand Championship Regionals. These invitations will be awarded in addition to the Top 12 per division.

Options for Awarding Money

  • No money will be awarded for teams to attend the Grand Championship Regionals. All teams attending the Grand Championship Finals will be awarded money.
  • Grand Championship Regional Champions will receive Paid Bids to the Grand Championship Finals.

Grand Championship Regionals and Finals

  • Each Region will host a Grand Championship Regional solely for the teams in that Region. The site of the Grand Championship Regional can change year to year. The Regions would mirror the Regions used by the governing body for other purposes.
  • Divisions at the Grand Championship Regionals and Finals would put Small, Large, Coed, All Girl , Small Gym and Large Gym teams in one division based on their Age and Level only. (Please note qualifying for the Grand Championship Regionals would be by divisions with Small/Large and Coed/All Girl splits).
  • The Top 3 teams in each division of the Grand Championship Regionals will advance to the Grand Championship Finals.
  • Grand Championship Regionals would be the 1st and 2nd weekends of April, excluding Easter. The Grand Championship Finals would be the 1st weekend of May.