Increasing Competition – Part 4 – All Girl & Coed

This is Part 4 on our series on Increasing Competition in AllStar Cheerleading. This one focuses on the All Girl & Coed options for AllStars. There are several questions asked and none answered, but it raises the questions we need to think about as we head towards rules changes for the next couple of year.

USASF LogoWhat is the best way to split Coed and All Girl teams? Right now younger divisions, Tiny, Mini, and Youth, don’t split, while Junior and Senior divisions do. Junior and most of Senior have a simple All Girl and Coed split, while Senior Level 5 has All Girl divisions along with Small, Medium, and Large Coed divisions based on the overall team size and the maximum number of males allowed. Is this fair?

At what point should All Girl teams not be put in divisions against Coed teams in the name of fairness? How much impact do guys really have on a routine? Does it vary by age group or level? What have the major scoring systems done to account for this? Have they done enough? What else do you suggest they do?

What can be done regarding All Girl and Coed divisions to increase competition? Should Coed divisions be added to Tiny, Mini, and Youth ages? Should Junior and all Senior divisions have Small, Medium, and Large Coed options? At what point does the desire for competition outweigh the desire for fairness?

Spirit Post Increasing Competition Series: