USASF Tumbling & Age Grid Changes for 2012-13

USASF LogoHere are the changes the USASF will implement during the 2012-13 season:


  • Standing fulls and standing double fulls are not allowed
  • Double fulls are only allowed in running tumbling and must be preceded by a back handspring
  • Consecutive bounding, twisting skills are not allowed

Age Grid

  • All Open teams (5 and 6 [also Open 4 if it is added in the future]) must be 17yrs old and older
  • Eliminate the International age rule for U.S.A. teams. – All athletes on USA teams must be of the legal age according to the age grid by August 31st of that season. This includes Worlds. The rule, an athlete may be younger than the allowed age as long as he/she becomes of the legal age by the calendar year of the competition, no longer stands.
  • Eliminate Mini L3
  • Eliminate Youth 5 Restricted by placing additional limitations on Youth 5 (No tumbling double fulls, No kick doubles in baskets, Braced flips may not twist)
  • Youth top age is raised to 12
  • No longer separate Junior Coed 3 and 4 from their counterpart All Girl teams
  • Bottom age on Senior teams, Levels 1- 4 and Senior 5R, will be 10 years old
  • Senior 5 teams will remain at 12

USASF Rules to Implement for 2012-13