Cast Your Vote for the All Star Industry VIPs

USASF LogoGreetings!

One of the highlights of The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds competition is the Thursday night’s VIP Gala.

The cheerleading and dance media partnered with the USASF to recognize a few of the outstanding members of our community.

REMINDER: Just over a week to submit nominations, so make sure to get your votes in! The official deadline is April 6, 2012.

Links to the nomination forms are displayed below.

Cheer Coach of the Year (Sponsored by Cheer Coach and Advisor Magazine)

Nominees exemplify the dedication, determination, and heart that represents what being a top coach is all about.

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Small Gym of the Year (Sponsored by Inside Cheerleading Magazine)

Every gym has a story, and it goes far beyond the number of trophies, banners and championship jackets. For the small gyms we honor, the stories are the heartbeat of our industry.

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Gym Owner of the Year (Sponsored by Cheer Biz News)

The attitude and spirit gym owners have is clearly reflected in the program’s athletes. As figureheads of their communities, they embody all traits of successful people.

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Dance Coach of the Year (Sponsored by Dance Coach Association)

These are the innovators and leaders who encourage and inspire the dance community. Not just teaching skill sets, but projection and performance on and off the Marley.

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Choreographer of the Year (Sponsored by The Cheer Leader Magazine)

The masterminds behind all of the skills that reach new heights and routines that draw audiences in; nominees should be recognized for their creativity and innovation.

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Leadership through Sportsmanship (Sponsored by USASF)

Leadership through Sportsmanship award for all star behavior on and off the competition floor. Those who exemplify sportsmanship contribute to the positive life experiences of all stars.

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Please feel free to pass this along to parents, athletes, and coaches to ensure that everyone has a vote!


Tegan Reeves & Gena Evans

VIP Gala Directors

U. S. All Star Federation