Role Power

Role Power is the power you, as the owner, have over your staff because you have the title of Owner. Have you ever told an employee to do something they didn’t want to do or tell them to do it a certain way with the only explanation being “because I said so” or something along those lines. That is a version of expressing your Role Power. The use and misuse of Role Power can have a long standing impact on a relationship, and if that relationship is a business one, a long standing impact on your business.

The use of Role Power needs to be as limited as possible. Some would say limit using it to when you are in crisis mode only and once the crisis is over you should go back and explain why you had people doing the things you had them do. If you have to resort to using Role Power, something broke down along the way. Employees that believe in their company’s leadership, mission, and direction don’t have to be “forced” to do much. Getting them to believe in the company involves having excellent direction and communication coming from the top, hiring the correct personnel, and getting rid of employees that don’t buy in.