Contest: Spirit Sports Duel in the Desert 2012

Courtesy of Inside Cheerleading Magazine, we’re having a couple contests. The prize for each contest is a certificate for a year long subscription to Inside Cheerleading Magazine for the winner and a friend.

Inside Cheerleading Uniform Issue 2012Highest Event Score (via Fierce Board)

Predict the team that will have the highest event score. The tie breaker will be who comes the closest to predicting their event score without going over. To enter put your prediction (team, division, and score) in this thread before the thread is locked on Saturday morning.

Paid Bid Recipients (via Spirit Post on Facebook)

Predict the teams that will receive the Paid Bids. To enter put your prediction (teams and divisions) on the Spirit Post wall before 3am (Pacific) Saturday morning. To win this contest you must be a fan of Inside Cheerleading, Spirit Post, Go! Fight! Win! Music, and Fierce Board on Facebook.