2012 NCA All-Star Nationals: Worlds Bids & Grand Champion Process for International Divisions

NCA sent the following email regarding International divisions and Worlds Bids. This seems to open the door to, in the worst case scenario, having a team finish 1st in the division, but not be 1st in line for a Worlds Bid (among teams in that division). It will be interesting to see how a situation like this is resolved if it arises.


NCA All Star Nationals LogoLast month, we announced that the final scores for International Open and International Open Coed (Levels 5 and 6) would be calculated using the weighting of skills consistent with the International scoresheet being used at the USASF Worlds Championship.

The difference in this weighting methodology, however, will potentially skew the results for how NCA declares the Worlds Bid winners and the selection of our Grand Champion at Nationals. On the International score sheet, Building Skills is weighted 65%. On the standard NCA All-Star score sheet, Building Skills is weighted 40%. Since Building Skills tends to be the highest scoring section for most teams, it is likely that the International teams’ Final Scores will be higher and outscore most teams in non-International divisions. Since we compare teams’ Final Scores across divisions when selecting Worlds bids and Grand Champion, many non-International teams will be put at a competitive disadvantage since we would be comparing scores derived from different weighting methodologies.

Therefore, for the Final Rankings, we will move forward as planned and was previously communicated applying the International weights (65/10/10/15) to calculate the Final Score. However, we will select Worlds Bid Winners and our Grand Champion using a Final Score recalculated for those International divisions using the standard NCA weights (40/30/20/10).

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this. To view an updated version of our Bid Declaration, CLICK HERE.

Justin Carrier
Vice President – Varsity All Star
Varsity Brands