The Majors 2012

The MAJORS was an event hosted by JAMfest in conjunction with JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals in Indianapolis, IN. This was the first year of the invitation only event promoted as bringing “The Best of the Best” together to compete for a trip to a JAMfest Europe in Liverpool, England.

The MajorsLarge All Girl Results

  1. Cheer Athletics 93.50
  2. Maryland Twisters 92.21
  3. Cheer Extreme 90.50
  4. FAME 89.46
  5. Maryland Marlins 87.08

Large Coed Results

  1. Cheer Extreme 92.22
  2. Cheer Athletics 90.24
  3. Top Gun 89.67
  4. ACE 89.08

The Majors