NCA/NDA Appropriate Choreography Reminder

Coaches, Gym Owners, and Choreographers,

As you finish the first round of Regionals this season, I wanted to remind anyone attending an upcoming NCA event, including NCA/NDA All-Star Nationals, that your choreography, music selection, and uniforms should be appropriate for “family-viewing”. If the judges determine a section of your routine to not meet our standards, a warning or deduction will be issued. I realize that NCA is stricter with this policy than almost all other event producers (a reputation we’re actually OK with), but it should be the goal of everyone to make sure we are proud of all-star cheerleading!

Remember, even today’s most popular songs on the radio are not necessarily appropriate by our company’s standards. For example, one of Beyonce’s latest singles, Run The World, has been the most frequently submitted song by coaches working on choreography. While the words are not specifically inappropriate, the regular version of the song includes the phrase “Who runs this mother…” and if you are using that section in your routine, you inherently run the risk of the judges detecting the suggestive connotation and issuing a deduction (there is a clean version of the song that omits the ‘mother’ reference and is without risk).

Unfortunately, interpreting inappropriate choreography is subjective and ‘gray’ at best. My best advice to you is: “if you are questioning the appropriateness, you should probably take it out.”

Creating a positive and healthy image for the all-star cheerleading industry is a priority to us at NCA and NDA. We’d like your continued partnership on this project as you work with the coaches and athletes at your gyms to ensure your routines are in compliance with our expectations.

Thank you,

Justin Carrier