Cheer Channel Partners with The Cheerleading Agency

Cheer Channel, Inc., the premiere online news and entertainment network dedicated entirely to cheerleaders, dancers, members of the spirit industry and its millions of fans, announced today that it has formed a joint venture with The Cheerleading Agency ( The Cheerleading Agency currently provides cheerleaders and dancers with resources to get recruited for college scholarships and team placement.

The Cheerleading AgencyUnder the new partnership deal, THE CHEERLEADING AGENCY will provide the digital technology to enhance the current business through marketing and sales support and launch a new, membership driven program with online subscription-based packages. Features of the new business services offered to members include step-by-step scholastic preparatory guidance and college/university entrance guidelines along with cheer and dance scouting opportunities and skill-based requirements. Online members will receive a full profile with photo and video sharing, discounts at training and scouting combines and will also be part of an international database for top-rated cheerleaders and dancers through an independent skill evaluation assessment and rating score system.

Cheer Channel“We have been looking for just the right partner that will work with us to expand our TCA brand with a program that will benefit cheerleaders and dancers through secondary education. These platforms will provide cheerleaders and dancers with an independent evaluation and nationwide ranking and allow them to showcase their skills where they can obtain college scholarships and team placement,” said Patrick H. Cowherd, Founder and CEO of The Cheerleading Agency. “Most parents and coaches are unaware that with the proper exposure and training, these athletes can achieve their goal of higher education and still be part of the sport they love with the assistance of team placement and scholarships.”

CEO of the Cheer Channel, Cindy Villarreal, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, NFL Entertainment Director as well as the author of the best-selling book, The Cheerleaders Guide to Life had this to say: “We could not be more pleased to be part of TCA, where we can deeply impact the lives of young people and families in such a way that will help market, promote and grow young, aspiring athletes who want to continue their sport in college on a scholarship. TCA is already a successful company so the decision to come together with a program that will support kids and families financial goals to continue participation was easy. The rising cost of tuition is a concern for most families and, with this platform we were able to bring to TCA, it allows us to equip the spirit industry, families and athletes with the tools to be successful in the competitive environment of college acceptance and scholarships.”

Lance Robbins, President of Cheer Channel, added, “The various programs offered allows athletes to start preparing their profiles at a very early age, continuing to update their videos and bio through middle and high school and to learn the special techniques and skills that attract serious college recruiters looking for the best student-athletes.”

The partnership combines The Cheerleading Agency’s 98% success rate at obtaining scholarships and team placement for its members with Cheer Channel’s broad ability to reach cheerleaders, dancers, their parents, coaches and gym owners through its platforms and affiliate partners.

For more information on where to get recruited, register at or call 317-703-7895.

Cheer Channel Partners with The Cheerleading Agency