A Couple Thoughts from Dan Kessler

Gym Owners, Coaches, Choreographers, Music Producers and Parents

I would first like to wish everyone a wonderful and joyous Holiday Season! As we approach a new year, I thought this would be a good time to share some thoughts.

JAM BrandsFirst, I would like to mirror our colleagues at NCA regarding the appropriateness of the music and choreography in routines. For many years, The JAM Brands has had a rule that states, “All routines must be suitable for viewing by audiences of all ages. Vulgar or suggestive music or material is not allowed and will result in a deduction for each incident.” The JAM Brands will continue to support any effort that promotes a positive image of our industry.

It is the coach’s responsibility to teach our athletes the appropriate dance moves, provide clean music to perform to and to select appropriate uniforms. Please make sure you take all three in to account when attending any JAM Brands event.

Secondly, I would like to remind all coaches, athletes and parents about The JAM Brands Sportsmanship Creed:

The JAM Brands strives to build a fun and family atmosphere for all participants, coaches, and spectators. We value healthy rivalry and encourage team spirit! Participants, coaches, and spectators must represent themselves and their teams with pride at all times. They shall show respect to their competitors on and off the performance floor. With a positive competition atmosphere, The JAM Brands can ensure great events!

To grow our sport, we have to continue to make cheerleading appealing to children as well as their parents. Two very important ways to do so are to enhance the image and appropriateness of our sport and to improve the sportsmanship our athletes, coaches and adults show to one another. No matter where you live, the healthier our sport is, the more children want to be involved due to the positive experiences and fun you provide day after day. Aside from training athletes, we are more importantly shaping young lives through building character and continuing the education of a child.

As “Your Partner in Spirit”, The JAM Brands will continue to strive for the very best in cheerleading and dance. We can do this together!

Again, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.


Dan Kessler

Co-Owner, The JAM Brands