USASF/IASF: Worlds Policy Update

Dear USASF Members and Officials:

The USASF and IASF are endorsed by and belong to the International Cheer Union, the international governing body for Cheer, which is recognized by national cheer federations from 100 different countries.

The ICU has traditionally conducted its World Championships for National Teams (like USA Cheer) representing its member countries immediately prior to the USASF/IASF Worlds. This year’s ICU World Championship will include teams from 60 countries. The ICU recognizes the USASF/IASF Worlds as the official World Championship for “Club” (All Star) Cheer.

As a member of the International Cheer Union, the USASF/IASF is committed to growing and supporting our sport both in the USA and around the world. In order to achieve these objectives, it is essential that there be a unified and coordinated effort to properly govern and support Cheer. It is therefore the policy of the USASF/IASF that no athlete, coach, judge, or official is permitted to participate in any way in any event that claims to be a World or International Championship, other than the ICU World Championships for National teams, or the USASF/IASF Worlds for All Star or Club teams.This stipulation applies to any regional international championship affiliated with an organization claiming to operate a World Championship, other than the ICU and USASF/IASF.

Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for disqualifying any athlete, coach, judge, or official from participating in the ICU and USASF/IASF World Championships. Therefore, it is critical that you clearly communicate this stipulation to all your participants, athletes, and coaches in order to insure compliance and to insure that their eligibility for Worlds is protected.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions about this policy, please contact Steve Peterson or myself.


Jim Chadwick