The Cheerleading Agency Partners with

The Cheerleading Agency has partnered with to bring cutting edge nutrition to the cheerleading world! Agel Enterprises has created a new delivery system known as gel suspension technology. Each packet contains exact amounts of essential nutrients athletes need to perform at their best. These convenient packets require no refrigeration or mixing-just grip, rip and sip! Gel suspension technology is the key to the success of increased absorption. This product line includes proper nutrition, energy and muscle and joint relief.

EXO supports the body functions that help us cope with the stress of a hectic lifestyle and an environment full of pollutants. This powerful antioxidant product is equal to five servings of fruits and vegetables.

MIN gives you the exact amount s of the essential vitamins you need everyday in a great tasting gel.

UMI is an immune system booster to help you stay healthy throughout the year.

OHM provides focus, energy and endurance to deal with mental stress.

VLT is the ultimate high energy gel that provides a sustained burst of energy without the crash.

FLX Rub is a topical gel delivery system that carries pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients deep into affected tissue to provide fast acting and long lasting relief. It helps sooth irritated muscles, joint tissue and relieves the affects of arthritis, sports injuries, backache, strains, bruises and sprains.

The partnership between The Cheerleading Agency and is so important because it provides athletes with cutting edge nutrition that Agel has developed, with the dedication and passion that Patrick Cowherd has put into making sure his athletes are positioned for success.

The Cheerleading Agency Partners with