UCA College Nationals New Bid Process

UCA has updated the way Paid and Partial Bids will be awarded to College Nationals. UCA’s Director of College Programs, John White, sent an email outlining the changes. The changes, along with the 2012 Paid and Partial Bid recipients, have been posted on UCA’s Website. Below is the email sent to coaches:

I hope this email finds you doing well and in the midst of a successful new season at your school.

I’m following up with you regarding the feedback we heard this summer concerning the video tape entry process for cheer teams to receive Paid and Partial Paid Bids to our College Cheerleading National Championship. We’re happy to let you know that we listened to all the comments and are immediately eliminating the video tape entry process, known as the “Cheer and Skills tape”, for this year and beyond.

We agree with you, that the demands of supporting your school’s athletic teams throughout this time of year were inadvertently being impacted by the time required to compile your video entry tape. Therefore, the best solution was to eliminate this process moving forward so you are more available to keep up with the demands of your regular athletics’ schedule.

The method we utilized to award this year’s paid and partial paid bids is explained in a below attachment, as well as a listing of those teams winning these unique paid bids. We’ll be evaluating this year’s new process to determine exactly how we’ll offer this program for 2013 and beyond, and will update you as soon as that’s confirmed. The UCA Crowd Tape and Safety Tape are not being eliminated and are still essential components for this year’s competition, just as they’ve previously been. Also, this process only applies to cheerleading teams at present and we’ll evaluate if a revision for dance teams and mascot entries is possible after this year’s championship.

We’ve called the Paid and Partial Paid Bid winners for the coming championship with this news and are available to discuss this with you if necessary. Please give either me (extension 5821), David McDowell (extension 5526) or Michelle Edwards (extension 4532) a call at (800) 238-0286 at your convenience.

Thank so much for your input and suggestions regarding how to adjust the Paid and Partial Paid Bids process to our College Cheerleading National Championship. If you need our help with anything else throughout the year, we’re always here for you.

Warmest Regards,

John White

Director of College Programs