Dance Xtreme: 18 World Bids Up For Grabs

Minneapolis, MN (Sept. 29, 2011) – The DX AmeriCup National Dance Championship held annually in Minneapolis will be awarding up to 18 World Bids at the February 24 – 26, 2012, championship; the most dance world bids at one major competition this season.

Lisa Saline, originally with UPA and new founder and President of Dance Xtreme USA (DX), is thrilled with the direction of Dance Xtreme. “Being able to focus solely on dance and tailor the championship to dance athletes ensures a fantastic weekend for all involved,” says Lisa Saline. “We’re excited about the changes such as adding an actual dance to the end of the Awards Banquet & Gala on Saturday night and ending earlier on Sunday evening so teams can return home at a decent hour.”

The AmeriCup Championship has qualified teams to the Dance Worlds since it debuted in 2007 and currently holds the most Dance World Champions out of all event producers in the industry. Now offering up to 18 World Bids at the AmeriCup promises more opportunities for dancers to attend the World Championships at Walt Disney World in Florida. Why would you go anywhere else?

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Dance Xtreme 18 World Bids Up For Grabs