Announcing The Launch Powered By The U.S. Finals!

It’s not a competition, but it is WAY more than just a showcase! The Launch is designed to help teams warm-up and prepare for their season!

The Launch will provide the opportunity for teams to get on the floor EARLY in the season at a SUPER LOW PRICE! You’ll want to be there because all teams will be evaluated and safety certified by our best judges! You can perform your full routine or just the sections that are ready to launch! Whatever you decide to perform, our judges will not only give you great scoring feedback, but they will also be screening every performance for safety violations that could cost teams valuable points down the road. Once your team’s performance is legality-free, you will be awarded an “Approved for Launch No Legality Guarantee” certificate. Can you imagine a season with NO safety violations? It all starts at The Launch, so register today! Certain restrictions apply to the No Legality Guarantee, see for more!

Who: All types of cheer and dance teams are welcome

What: The Launch is a Preseason Event and Official Routine Safety Check

When: Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where: The Cole Fieldhouse at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Why: Launch your season right and compete legality-free!

How much: $249 per TEAM! Plus, if your team attended the U.S. Finals in 2011, you are eligible for a $100 discount, making the price just $149 per TEAM!

October 22 is the PERFECT TIME to give your athletes an ADVANTAGE that will last all season…

Perform your full routine OR just the sections that are ready to launch, and we will provide you with:

  • A detailed evaluation from our best judges!
  • A special Safety Check area and a credentialed safety judge to help you!
  • An Approved for Launch No Legality Guarantee* certificate!
  • A Preseason ranking!
  • A professionally run event in an awesome venue!

Priced at $249 – ANY team can attend!

AND — If your team attended The U.S. Finals in 2011, we’ll give you a $100 discount!

Questions? Call us at 1.877.5.FINALS, and ask for Tina or Mady!

*Certain restrictions apply to the No Legality Guarantee, see for more.