Two Cheerleading Industry Groups Merge

July 18, 2011 – The Organization of Spirit Industry Providers (OSIP) and Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA) are pleased to announce a joint meeting of the two organizations and impending merger.

Organization of Spirit Industry Providers Effective August 1, 2011, both groups will merge as one working organization to promote the good and betterment of the spirit market as a whole. This season’s annual meeting will combine both organizations’ formats and be presented at the Encore Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, September 27-28, 2011.

Spirit Industry Trade Association “It’s exciting to see the two organizations merge into one group and combine annual meetings that will give companies broader networking opportunities, business development and recognition unlike other industry wide gatherings,” said Jeff Webb, Varsity Brands CEO and OSIP Chairperson.

“OSIP and SITA each offer unique programs, opportunities and membership benefits to companies that serve the Spirit market, so combining both groups to make one large organization makes sense,” added Mike Pare, President of Spirit Cheer, SITA Chairperson and OSIP member.

OSIP traditionally offers business and personal development seminars, panel discussions and recognition of a Lifetime Achievement Award. SITA traditionally features networking meetings and an array of awards to individuals and companies serving the spirit market.

Both OSIP and SITA were founded with the concept of bringing together companies that service the spirit market to network, share ideas, discuss trends and industry news—all with a goal of growing and improving cheerleading.

Registration information and conference details will be posted on both the SITA and OSIP web sites. Visit or for more information on the groups.

For direct information or questions please contact:

Mike Nordegren at 901-387-4300 ext. 4469

Margie Willis at 614-264-9644

Two Cheerleading Industry Groups Merge