Varsity All Star Scoring for 2011-12

Varsity LogoVarsity All Star’s 2011-12 scoring system is now available. This system is used by most Varsity event producers, with All Star Challenge being the notable exception. We’ll publish our thoughts on the changes later, but here are some of the changes mentioned by Varsity:

  • All 2-Day events using the Varsity Scoring System will be weighted 25% for Day 1 and 75% for Day 2.
  • All events using the Varsity Scoring System will weigh score sheet sections the same:
    • 40% – Building (Stunts, Pyramids, and Tosses)
    • 30% – Tumbling (Standing, Running, and Jumps)
    • 20% – Overall Routine (Motions/Dance, Formations/Transitions, and Performance)
    • 10% – Creativity (Routine and Skill)
  • Tumbling Deductions have been reduced to .25 for a Bobble and .50 for a Fall. (Last season was .50 for a Bobble and 1.00 for a Fall)
  • Event Producers will still be able to choose between Panel and Category judging
  • Final Score and Perfection Percent will be published online.

Varsity All Star 2011-12 Scoring System Update, Grid, and Deductions