USASF: Athlete Membership Requirement for 2011-2012 Season

USASF LogoThe USASF is going to be rolling out the Athlete Membership Program in 3 phases (Athlete Membership Phases). The first phase will be introduced for the 2011-2012 competition season. The goal during Phase 1 is to have all cheer athletes become members of the USASF. There will be two options.

Registered Athlete Members

  • Membership is Free
  • Printable Member ID Card
  • Eligible to attend events hosted by USASF Member Event Producers

Full Athlete Members

  • Membership is $25
  • Plastic Member ID Card
  • Eligible to attend events hosted by USASF Member Event Producers
  • Eligible to attend The Cheerleading Worlds
  • $1 Million Catastrophic Insurance
  • Annual Magazine: American Cheerleader’s Worlds Coverage Issue delivered in bulk to the gym
  • Eligible to apply for USASF Scholarships
  • Video on Demand Access (tentative)

The anticipated kickoff date for online entry of athletes is July 15th. We will be developing informational materials to help you educate your parents on this program. Please make sure your contact information is updated within your gym profile to receive updates.

Level 5 Teams Entering Bid Giving Divisions

  • Full Membership is required to attend The Cheerleading Worlds.
  • If you register and pay for Full Membership ($25) PRIOR to attending the event where you receive your bid you have met the membership requirement to attend The Cheerleading Worlds.
  • If your athletes elected to be Registered Members (Free) and are awarded a bid you will be required to convert all Registered Members to Full Members for $25 by March 31, 2012. In addition, each athlete will be charged an additional $15 processing fee for not meeting this requirement prior to receiving the bid. Therefore, the total is $40.
  • If your athletes are not Full Members by March 31, 2012, in addition to paying the $25 membership fee you will be assessed the $15 processing fee plus a $10 late fee per athlete (a total of $25 per athlete in additional fees). All Level 5 athletes attending The Cheerleading Worlds must be members no later than April 13, 2012.