Try and Try Again

I recently read an article titled The Economy Of Good Enough by Adam Singolda that made me think about how businesses improve. The conclusion he came to, and I agree with, is they continuously try something new. Sometimes it works, but I’d guess it’s much more common for that something to fail. What is done when that failure occurs is what determines if a business improves. Does the business stop trying new things or does it try a newer thing? Does it learn anything from failing and come up with Plan B, or C, or D? Does it try and adjust, try again and adjust again, then try once again or does it wait until it finds the “Golden Moment” to do something and end up never doing anything. Businesses wanting to improve try and try again.

The article reminds us those perfect or golden moments to do something are not coming and to stop waiting for them. Instead do something now. Anything. If you have an idea try it in a class, or with a stunt group, or at an event. If it doesn’t work try something else next time. I’d bet when you look back at the adjustments made by trying and failing you’ll realize they have put you in a better place. You will have learned something that leads to innovation and improvement.

The last point of the article is a reminder that new tools are needed to solve new problems. New tools come from innovation. Innovation comes from trying. Innovation is essential to staying ahead of, or even just not falling behind, your competitors. If they are trying new things and innovating while you are waiting for something to be perfect, they are going to improve faster than you. How long will it take before they catch you or run you out of business?