Impact of Building Being 40% of Score

This weekend I got into a discussion about how much impact weighting scores 40% Building, 30% Tumbling, 20% Performance, and 10% Creativity will have. I don’t think results will change much because of it, but the person I was talking to strongly disagreed. He pointed out it made 1 Building point worth 1.33 Tumbling points and said it would have changed the way his gym picked teams for this season. Had they know Building would be weighted as much as it is, they would have been more open to taking a great stunter, especially a top girl, with less tumbling.

There was also concern over the impact this would have on tumbling classes, the bread and butter for gyms. The concern was the reduced emphasis on tumbling would lead to a reduction in the amount of time athletes spend in tumbling classes and privates, messing up the economics of gyms.

Any thoughts on the impact of the new weights?